Fedoras, Dress & Sporty

Tear Drop 4 NEW

Tear Drop 4" Brim

SKU: hg4a+TD+sslt
  4" Brim Guatemalan standard palm. 4-1/4" crown (creased).
Vented Tear Drop 4 NEW

Vented Tear Drop 4" Brim

SKU: hgv+TD+sslbr
  4" Vented Brim, Guatemalan standard palm 4 1/4" crown (creased).

3 Inch Brim, Fine Palm Tear Drop Fedora

SKU: hg3f+TD+b58brown
Guatemalan fine palm, with 5/8" wide leather band. Tear drop crease.
$115.35 - $132.60
Oak Bolero NEW

Oak Bolero

SKU: hge3s-oak
The espanola in a solid hat body. 3" Brim (shown), Guatemalan oak-colored palm. 4" crown. Available in 3-1/2" brim. 

RB's Hat

SKU: hg3f+SF+bsl
Based on the hat worn by R.B. Hathcock, shown on our website and often requested. 3” brim Guatemalan Fine Palm, 4-1/4" crown. Shown with suede lace hatband. 
$78.60 - $120.30

Open Road

SKU: hopenroad25f
  Open Road style hat. 2 1/2" brim fine palm cattle man crease slight crease on brim with 2 ply hat band. 
Oak Tear Drop 4 NEW

Oak Tear Drop 4" Brim

SKU: hg4a-oak+TD+sslt
 4" Brim Guatemalan oak-colored alm 4-1/4" crown (creased). Shown with tan leather stampede string. 

Casa Blanca

SKU: hcasa
4' brim with Tear Drop crease. Front and back dip for the sun protection every  explorer needs. Guatemalan standard palm.1-1/2" wide black elastic hatband.
$77.40 - $82.95

Fedora - 3" Brim

SKU: hg3+F
3" Brim Fedora. Guatemalan standard palm. Most popular shape in the world for a man's hat. Other brim widths available.
$72.45 - $97.95

2-1/2 inch brim Oak-colored Tear Drop

SKU: hg25-oak+TD
 2-1/2 inch brim Tear Drop in our Guatemalan oak-colored palm.

4" Brim Plantation Hat w/Bow

SKU: hg4b+PL+bbrnbow
4 inch brim with pencil roll. Tear drop crown. 1-1/2 inch wide grosgrain band with bow. Brown band is shown. Alternate trim colors available.
$78.90 - $99.60

Aussie Tear Drop

SKU: haus4aw+TD
4' brim with a tear drop crease with a funky curled brim. Guatemalan standard palm. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.

2-1/2 inch brim Tear Drop, Fine Palm

SKU: hg25f+TD
2-1/2" brim, Guatemalan fine palm.
$72.45 - $132.60

Fine Palm Derby

SKU: hg25f+DE+b15e
2-1/2" Brim. 5-1/2" crown. Rolled brim, wide elastic hatband. Guatemalan Fine Palm.

Fine Mexican Palm Fedora - 1. 8 Inch Brim

SKU: hmf18
Fine Mexican Pressed Palm Fedora. 1.8 inch brim. Soft and comfortable.

Fine Mexican Palm Fedora, Golden - 1.8 Inch Brim

SKU: hmfgold18
Fine Mexican Press Palm, Golden Color - 1.8 Inch Brim

Classic Gambler/River Boat

SKU: hg35+NR
3-1/2 Classic Gambler with pencil rolled brim. 4-1/4" crown (in front), sloping down toward back. aka River Boat or Sutler style hat. 1800's. Compare with the Golf Gambler.

Fine Fedora w/wide band

SKU: hg3f+F+b15e
Guatemalan Fine Palm Fedora, 3" brim, 1-1/2" wide elastic hatband.

Espanola w/ Rolled Brim

SKU: hge+R
4" brim, Guatemalan standard palm with venting.

Silver Creek Fedora

SKU: hmscsoft
Mexican pressed palm, in Western fedora style.


SKU: hg25f+H
 2-1/2" Pencil-rolled brim, Homburg creased crown wide black band with bow. Guatemalan fine palm

Laced Derby

SKU: hg25f+DE+lace
  2 1/2" Brim Guatemalan fine palm derby. Suede laced brim. 

Short Top Hat, 4-1/2" Crown

SKU: hg175x45+TH+be+bblkbow
 1-3/4" brim, 4-1/2" crown top hat crease, black bound edge and wide black band with bow Guat. standard palm, alt trim colors available.

3 Inch Brim Fedora w/wide hatband

SKU: hg3+F+b15e
3" Guatemalan standard palm fedora with 1-1/2" wide elastic hatband.

Fine Pork Pie

SKU: hg175f+pp+be+bbrnbow
1-3/4" brim, Pork Pie crown. Cream bound-edge, wide brown band with bow. Guatemalan fine palm. Alt. trim colors available.

2-1/2 Inch Brim Fine Derby with Bow

SKU: hg25f+DE+bblkbow
Bolero NEW


SKU: hge3s
The Esanola in a solid hat body. 3" brim (shown). Guatemalan standard palm. 4" crown. Available in 3-1/2" brim. 

Distressed 1-1/2" Brim Fedora

SKU: hg15+f+be+bbrnbow+dis

Jacob's Hat

SKU: hg3+BK+sslt+b58brown
 3" Brim Guatemalan standard palm. 4 1/4" crown. 5/8 brown leather hatband, tan leather stampede string. 
$109.05 Each