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3-1/2 Inch Brim, Alligator Palm Cattleman Hat

SKU: hg35ap+C
3.5" brim alligator palm cattleman hat. Zig-zag edge on braid makes for a rough-texture. Wire in brim for easy creasing.

Crazy Horse Two

SKU: hCR2-sl
4" brim, tightly rolled. Distressed. Suede hatband. Wire in brim for easy reshaping. Guatemalan standard palm.
$106.80 - $143.55

Topless Hat, 4 Inch Brim

SKU: hg4t
4 inch brim, Guatemalan standard palm, topless hat. Can be used with a riding helmet for shade, or alone for a cool top.

Crazy Gus

SKU: hCG4a
4" low crown gus with tightly rolled brim, suede hatband. Wire in brim allows for easy creasing. Guatemalan standard palm.
$90.60 - $127.35

Nuts & Bolts

SKU: hNB4a
Nuts & bolts accent the suede hatband. 4" low crown with tightly rolled brim and distressing. Wire in brim for easy reshape.
$118.05 - $154.80

Scorched Mexican Gus

SKU: hmg-w2
Very soft hat, flame-distressed. Braided leather hatband and stampede string. Wire in brim. Sizes 6-3/4 to 7-5/8.

Crazy Horse Three

SKU: hCR3-sl
Funky creased cattleman with wire in brim. NOT distressed. Suede lace hatband. 4" brim (shown) or 3-1/2" brim.
$90.60 - $127.35

Crazy Gus Two (Distressed)

SKU: hCG2-4a
Funky curled-brim gus with suede-lace hatband. Distressed. Wire brim for easy creasing. Guatemalan standard palm. Choose 3-1/2 or 4" brim.
$106.80 - $143.55

Cattle Brand Cattleman

SKU: hbrand4ax+C
Famous cattlebrands festoon the brim. 4" brim, guat. standard palm. 5/8" wide leather hatband.

Cattle Brand Cattleman - Single Side Brand

SKU: hbrand4ax1
Famous Texas cattle brands branded on a single side of this 4" cattleman.

Copper Cowboy

SKU: hCC4aw
Small conchos decorate the brim and braided leather hatband. Distressed. 4" brim Guatemalan standard palm. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.
$149.70 - $186.45

Copper Horse Shoe

SKU: hcc4a-hs
Copper Cowboy with a horse shoe on the crown. 4" Brim, Guatemalan Standard Palm. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.

Crazy Horse II with Old West Band

SKU: hcr2-owb
4" brim, tightly rolled. Leather hatband with brass points. Distressed. Wire in brim for easy reshaping. Guatemalan standard palm.

Cross Roads

SKU: hcross4a
 4" Brim, Guatemalan standard palm, Cross brand on crown. Turquoise & brown twisted suede hatband. Available in sizes 6-1/2 - 8. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.


SKU: hgecko4a
Guatemalan standard palm, Gecko branded with turquoise & brown hatband. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.

Green Crazy Horse Two

SKU: hcr2-green
 Green distressed Guatemalan standard palm twisted suede hat band with concho accent 4" brim 4-1/4 " crown creased wire in brim

Last Call - Bottle Cap Hat

SKU: hlast4a
Beer Caps on brim and beer cap hatband.  Brands on caps will vary. 4" brim. Sizes 6-1/2 to 8. Guatemalan standard palm.

Last Call Light

SKU: hlast-eco
 Same as the Last Call, but with bottle caps spaced out and made with our palm river economy palm not distressed. Wire in brim.

Longhorn Brand-Cattleman

SKU: hlhb4a+C
Longhorn silhouettes images on the brim and crown imitate brands. Distressed finish, leather hatband. Guatemalan standard palm. Wire in brim for easy reshaping.

Longhorn Brand-Gus

SKU: hlhb4a+G
Longhorn silhouettes around edge of brim and on crown simulate brands. Distressed finish. 4" brim Guatemalan standard palm. Wire in brim. Sizes 6-1/2 to 8.

Rough Around The Edges

Frayed-edge. Approximately 3-1/2" brim. Distressed.

Running Horses

SKU: hRH4a+C
4" Brim "guat. standard palm, distressed with running horse images. Suede lace hatband. Wire in brim.

Silver Spur Cattleman

SKU: hSS4a
Eyelets in brim and metal washers on the suede hatband. 4" wire brim for easy cresing, 4-1/2" crown (creased).
$300.00 - $336.75

Distressed 1-1/2" Brim Fedora

SKU: hg15+f+be+bbrnbow+dis