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Sam Houston

SKU: hg5b+N
5" Brim Telescoped Crown w/pencil roll brim. 1780's-1840's. AKA Planters or Plainsman Hat.
$77.40 - $135.45

4 Inch Brim, Oak Elko Hat w/ Old West Band

SKU: hg4a-oak+EK+bowb
Natural oak-colored Guatemalan palm, 4" brim Oak Elko hat with Old West Band.
$88.20 - $147.30


SKU: hge
4" Brim, 4" Vented Crown. Guatemalan standard palm. Very popular. Worn in 1780's Spanish California.

Oak Sam Houston

SKU: hg5b-oak+N
The very popular Sam Houston in our oak-colored Guatemalan palm. 5 inch (shown) or 4 inch brim.
$88.20 - $111.00

Montana Peak

SKU: hg4a+MP
4" Brim, 5-1/4" crown, Montana Peak, Guatemalan standard palm. 1860-1890.

Classic Gambler/River Boat

SKU: hg35+NR
3-1/2 Classic Gambler with pencil rolled brim. 4-1/4" crown (in front), sloping down toward back. aka River Boat or Sutler style hat. 1800's. Compare with the Golf Gambler.

4 Inch Brim; Medium Crown Gus

SKU: hg4b+G
4" Brim, 5-1/2" Crown (creased). Guatemalan standard palm. Eyelets and stampede string optional. Texas Rangers style-19th century.

5" Brim 4" Crown

SKU: hg5x4
5" brim, 4" crown, Guatemalan standard palm. Can be made into a tri-corn hat worn in the American colonial period.

Flat Hat, Guatemalan standard palm hat

SKU: hgflat
18" wide, side to side. 1" crown. One size - size 6 - designed to sit on top of head. American colonial and Southern Lady's Hat. 19th century.