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Reata HOT


SKU: hg4b+RT+be(color)
This is the hat that Reata Brannaman wears and is shown wearing in "Buck", the movie.

Reata Two

SKU: hg45+R2+BE
Reata TWO: 4-1/2 inch Brim, 4-1/4 inch Crown, palm-leaf hat. This style is popular now with Reata Brannaman's customers and in the Great Basin area of the US. Guatemalan standard palm.

Oak Espanola w/Leather Band

SKU: hge-oak
 4" brim, Guatemalan oak palm with venting.
$78.45 - $130.20
Oak Reata - 4 in, 4-1/2 in, 5 in brim HOT

Oak Reata - 4 in, 4-1/2 in, 5 in brim

SKU: hg4a-oak+RT+BE
The Reata in our oak-colored palm.
$92.85 - $129.00

Casa Blanca

SKU: hcasa
4' brim with Tear Drop crease. Front and back dip for the sun protection every  explorer needs. Guatemalan standard palm.1-1/2" wide black elastic hatband.
$77.40 - $82.95


SKU: hge
4" Brim, 4" Vented Crown. Guatemalan standard palm. Very popular. Worn in 1780's Spanish California.

Espanola with Curved Brim

SKU: hge+RT
 4" Brim, 4" Vented Crown. Guatemalan standard palm curved up in the back
Tear Drop 4 NEW

Tear Drop 4" Brim

SKU: hg4a+TD+sslt
  4" Brim Guatemalan standard palm. 4-1/4" crown (creased).

Espanola Two-Step

SKU: hge2s
4" brim vented crown with bound-edge and laced brim.

Moab - 5" Brim

SKU: hMoab5b

5" Brim, wide brown lacing, beaded hatband with horse hair tassels. Guatemalan standard palm. Sizes 6-1/2 to 8.


The Obbie

SKU: hg45+OB
  Obbie Schlom's signature hat. 4 1/2" Brim standard Guatemalan palm creased. Brim slightly turned up on sides. 


4" Brim, Guatelaman Fine Palm Gambler with Bound-Edge and Finely Laced Brim.

5" Brim 4" Crown

SKU: hg5x4
5" brim, 4" crown, Guatemalan standard palm. Can be made into a tri-corn hat worn in the American colonial period.


SKU: hTaos4a+G
4" brim, 4 1/4" crown (creased) with chocolate brown bound-edge and turquoise suede lacing. French braid horse hair & bead hatband.

Espanola w/ Rolled Brim

SKU: hge+R
4" brim, Guatemalan standard palm with venting.

Flat Hat, Guatemalan standard palm hat

SKU: hgflat
18" wide, side to side. 1" crown. One size - size 6 - designed to sit on top of head. American colonial and Southern Lady's Hat. 19th century.

Oak Bolero

SKU: hge3s-oak
The espanola in a solid hat body. 3" Brim (shown), Guatemalan oak-colored palm. 4" crown. Available in 3-1/2" brim.