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4 Inch Brim, Low Crown Cattleman, Guatemalan Palm Hat

Product #: hg4a+C

Best Seller! 4" Low Crown Guatemalan Std Palm Hat. With or without ventilation eyelets. Available in 3", 3-1/2", and 4" brim widths, and with wire in the brim.

Retail Price: $77.40

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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52 of 102 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars Finally! A hat I can wear! And enjoy wearing!
by Brandon D from Florida, USA on Oct 21, 2023
  I have not been able to find a western hat i can wear for years (head size 23 3/4. I ordered the 62cm / 7 3/4”. I tried to get the wire and bound edge but unfortunately they cant do both, i know now that the wire is not necessary at all for a good shaping experience. And let me tell you, I was so happy that i didn’t get a headache putting on the hat for first time (almost all hats I wear give me a slight headache, unless i special order one). I just barely needed to stretch out the front and back of the crown. I ran the shower over my hat for maybe 1 minute tops, and started shaping. I never would have thought I would have so much fun shaping a hat. Gave myself some sort of Cattleman/Gus hybrid crown. I am so thankful to Sunbody hats for having sizes over 7 5/8”. I have ordered and returned hats from other companies hoping they could fit but didn’t. I truly found peace after wearing this Sunbody hat. I will most definitely be coming back for more.
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Customer Reviews

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5 Stars Best Comfortable Hat
by a member from East Texas on Jan 17, 2020
  I have owned 3 of them. Best hat with comfort and shade protection. I always replace with a better leather hat band.
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5 Stars Hat
by [email protected] from Waco texas on Oct 4, 2019
  Months ago I order a hat wanted a medium crown but was sent a low crown how I know is that I have a medium crown and measure
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