3-1/2 Inch Brim, 5-1/4 inch crown, wire in brim Guat Std Palm hat

Product #: hg35aw

3-1/2 Inch Brim, 5-1/4 inch crown, wire in brim Guat Std Palm hat. Wire in brim makes it easy to crease the brim and hold the shape.

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3 Stars good while it lasted
by Darin Nichols from Montana on Nov 30, 2018
  I've been buying this same hat for over 10 years now and shaping it myself in order to save money. The first few hats that I got were absolutely amazing. I put my hats through a workout and still they lasted me a couple of years each. My last order I bought 3 hats at once figuring that would last me for awhile. The newer hats were noticeably thinner and only lasted for a year each before they were trashed. In spite of the decline in quality, I figured it was still worth it...until I went to order another one today and saw it is now almost $50 + shipping. I'll travel to Guatemala myself and bring back a batch of hats before I pay that. It's sad, but with all the rich city folks going country...a cowboy can't hardly afford to buy work clothes anymore. Thanks Sunbody...it was good while it lasted.
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