Golden Gus

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This is a very soft and comfortable hat. 4- 3/8" brim, 5-1/2" crown. Pressed. Not Stiffened. Re-shaping not recommended. Brown bound edge. Mexican fine pressed palm.

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5 Stars golden gus
by Randy Graf from TEXAS. on Jun 16, 2020
  great hat,this is 3rd hat I've gotten from sunbody and been very happy with all 3, thanks.
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5 Stars What a Beauty
by Stephen Giannotti from Portland, OR on Aug 26, 2016
  This is an exceptionally well-made, good looking hat! I've owned a Sunbody Mexican Fine Palm Gus for several years now, and though the two hats are very similar in most respects, their differences are more apparent now that I own both. What a difference between the pressed Golden Gus and the extremely stiff Mexican Fine Palm Gus. Akin to the difference between the feel of a cotton Oxford shirt out of the dryer and the same shirt after being heavily starched and pressed. The Golden Gus is so much softer and to my head, more comfortable than the MexFPG. Interestingly, the MexFPG weighs in at 9 7/8 oz. vs. the 8 1/4 oz. for the Golden Gus. The bound edge on the Golden Gus and the lack thereof on the Mexican FPG is another visual difference between the two. Perhaps a dressier look to the bound edge. In all honesty, for me it'll be hard to go back to wearing the Mexican Fine Palm Gus now that I've own this Golden Gus. IMHO, and my HO only, the Golden Gus is the clear winner between the two GUS' in terms of comfort and ease of use, i.e. how it fits on your noggin. Both styles are equally attractive as well, with the Golden Gus being the dressier of the two.
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