6 inch Brim, Low Crown Gus Hat, Guat Std Palm

6 inch Brim, Low Crown Gus Hat, Guat Std Palm

Product #: hg6a+G+3+ssp

6" Brim with pencil roll; 5-1/4" Crown Gus Hat. Guatemalan standard palm. Most popular as shown, with ventilation eyelets and stampede string but also available without eyelets or stampede string.

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5 Stars Jose Sombrero
by a member from Arcadia, Fl on Jun 20, 2018
  I bought this hat back in May of 2015, I've had it for over 3 years now. WOW, never have I had a hat that lasted this long. It has lasted threw my torture test of building barbed wire fence, cow pens, tractor work, FLORIDA SUN, vacations in the sun, etc. Wash it off with the water hose, let dry over night and go again. I did get some motor oil on it, used a de-greaser to remove the oil stain and the hat changed color on me, but that was my fault. Overall I would recommend this hat to anyone who works in the sun and wants the shade to follow them all day long. I have had several people ask were they could get my hat and I sent them here.
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5 Stars best hat i have, hands down
by R Reynol from lost in South Colorado on Jul 22, 2017
  bought this hat from a mercantile over 10 yrs ago. primarily for working all day in the sun teaching motorcycle safety...used to get snickers early in the AM when i put it on but by 1pm everyone asked where i got it...by soaking it with water i stayed cool on the 100+ degree days...use it for yard and tractor work, pretty abusive and the only wear is a small tear at the stampede strap hole and the front crease where i pinch it to pick it up...(i was warned not to,) final word, i never babied this hat and would have bet you money it wouldnt last the summer, but who ever heard of a straw hat lasting ten years...will buy another...best value in a straw hat!
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