6 inch Brim, Low Crown Gus Hat, Guat Std Palm

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SKU: hg6a+G+3+ssp
Hat Size:
6-1/2 (52)
6-5/8 (53)
6-3/4 (54)
6-7/8 (55)
7 (56)
7-1/8 (57)
7-1/4 (58)
7-3/8 (59)
7-1/2 (60)
7-5/8 (61)
7-3/4 (62)
7-7/8 (63)
8 (64)


This is one of our most popular hats of all time and qualifies as a signature SunBody hat.  The 6" wide brim gives fantastic protection from the blazing sun. 

  • Crease: Gus with pencil roll crease
  • Brim Width: 6"
  • Crown Height: 5-1/4" 
  • Hatband: black cloth
  • Stampede string and Ventilation eyelets options are also available
  • Sweatband: foam-padded cotton twill with non-woven backing
  • Guatemalan standard palm
  • Retains shape when wet
  • Can be reshaped using just water
  • UPF 50 - Blocks 98% of UV Light
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala - Handcreased in Texas

Customer Reviews

   My favourite hat (have 17 - not all Sunbody !)

Love this hat - having a very hot summer with intense sun in UK in 2022 - this is the perfect hat ... have suffered from skin cancer to face and this saves me and gives me complete confidence. The brim is amazing and as other commentators have said, the stampede string is essential and does an excellent job in case of wind. Was introduced to the hat by "Lady Lone Rider" Bernice Ende. (now sadly separted), who always wore this model... - she rode all over the US on horseback. Workmanship of this hat is superb and although it has had knocks there are no signs of indentation or wear ... Bill Kerr in the UK

By William Kerr from Seaford, Sussex < UK on Aug 7, 2022

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   Your own personal shade tree

I bought this amazing hat back in 2015. This hat has helped me beat the Florida heat/humidity for years now while working on my cattle ranch, fishing, hiking, basically everywhere I go this hat goes. It has stood up to the test of time, my demanding torture test, and finally this month it finally got a hole in it after 7 years of extreme abuse. So I'm definitely buying another one. My advise if you don't have one then get one.

By a member from Florida on May 3, 2022

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   I have a few Sun Body hats. Wear them all!

This 6" brim is the one I am most likely to wear given the chance mid summer. I have vents and a string for the wind, which is handy as needed. At 100+F I soak my hats in water as often as I can for some air conditioning. Good for the straw as well. Any of them last almost forever. Almost, but for what they cost you'll get more than your money's worth from a Sun Body. Great Hats!

By a member from Great Basin on Jul 3, 2021

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