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SKU: hg25f+H
Hat Size:
6-3/8 (51)
6-1/4 (50)
6-1/2 (52)
6-5/8 (53)
6-3/4 (54)
6-7/8 (55)
7 (56)
7-1/8 (57)
7-1/4 (58)
7-3/8 (59)
7-1/2 (60)
7-5/8 (61)
7-3/4 (62)
7-7/8 (63)
8 (64)


 2-1/2" pencil-rolled brim, Homburg creased crown. Wide black band with 

bow. Guatemalan fine palm

Customer Reviews

   Not at all what you expect

Love my Open Road hat with the bound edge, ordered the Homburg - not a cheap hat - with bound edge in black and wide ribbon - 5/8 as seen in this picture. I spent this much money with same expectation of the quality and finish. However, Homburg was nothing close. First, Homburg shows up without the wide ribbon, When I ask about the wide ribbon like in the picture, first I am told that I did not order it with the wide ribbon., Later, support says that I did ask for the wide ribbon, but it does not match the bound edge, but that they would mail it. Wide ribbon shows up with glue marks. Someone pulled it off a finished hat. What you cannot see is that 99% is the elastic band like in underwear. All the way around - not what you expect from Sun Body. Avoid this one - ask more questions is my lesson.

By George Patrick from Indiana on Aug 8, 2020

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