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This is the hat that Reata Brannaman wears and is shown wearing in Buck, the movie.

Reata first bought the unshaped SunBody hats and shaped them herself, selling them at Buck Brannaman's horse clinics.  Recently, she's had us do the shaping, too. (pronounced: Ree-AH- tuh) (When you order a Reata, it will arrive shaped, just as it is in the photo.)

4 Inch Brim, telescoped 4-1/4 Inch crown (creased), with a bound-edge. Brim dips in front and curves up in back.  Guatemalan standard palm. Other brim widths available. With (shown) or without a bound-edge. Select bound-edge color below. (Coffee shown.) Color chart.  Colors shown on hats.





Retail Price: $95.40

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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1039 of 1960 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars Love love love my hat!!
by Daisy from OC on Apr 1, 2013
  I saw this hat on BUCK and fell in love with it! I just had to buy another one just in case something happens to my first one.
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1057 of 2059 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars The perfect hat
by Judy Tomasulo from Moorpark, CA USA on Oct 15, 2012
  I volunteer at Special Equestrian Riding Therapy (SERT) where we help riders with special needs. I saw this hat on Reata in "Buck" (I won't tell you how many times I saw the movie in the theater and rented it before I finally bought the DVD.) I wore it all summer and because of the design of the palm leaves, my hat didn't blow off once....very important when you don't want horses to be startled in the arena. It was the perfect hat and it is my favorite hat!
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Customer Reviews

128 of 268 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars Great hat!!
by a member from Conrroe, TX USA on May 22, 2023
  I'm ordering a replacement for the one I've worn out after many years of hard wear. It protects my face and neck from the sun, keeps me dry in heavy rain and looks great.
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432 of 921 found the following review helpful:
1 Stars Terrible
by Gatlin Edwards on Aug 26, 2020
  Ordered a Reata hat June 8th. Supposed to be here July 1. Still haven’t seen this hat. Summer is almost over I gave up caring about it. Customer service doesn’t know how to answer emails so I can’t do anything about the money I spent on a hat i never got. Would not recommend
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