Sam Houston

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Hat Size:
6-1/4 (50)
6-3/8 (51)
6-1/2 (52)
6-5/8 (53)
6-3/4 (54)
6-7/8 (55)
7 (56)
7-1/8 (57)
7-1/4 (58)
7-3/8 (59)
7-1/2 (60)
7-5/8 (61)
7-3/4 (62)
7-7/8 (63)
8 (64)


Also known as Planters or Plainsman Hat, was popular between the 1780s to the 1840s and even up to the Civil War during the 1860s. Very popular with re-enactors. 

  • Crease: Sam Houston
    • Telescoped Crown with a pencil roll
  • Brim Width: 5"
    • Available in other widths
  • Crown Height: 4-1/4" 
  • Hatband: black cloth 
  • Sweatband: foam-padded cotton twill with non-woven backing
  • Guatemala Standard Palm 
    • Available in Fine Palm 
  • Retains shape when wet
  • Can be reshaped with just water
  • UPF 50 - Blocks 98% of UV Light
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala - Handcreased in Texas

Customer Reviews

   Sam Houston hat

I just received my Sam Houston hat with a 4 inch brim in fine palm. Although it took just shy of 6 weeks to be delivered it proved to be worth the wait. The fit is just right. Construction quality is superb and the appearance is outstanding. I like the flexibility of the fine palm. Nice job folks. This hat should only improve with age. I'm more than pleased with my purchase.

By Jeff Langton from Montana on Aug 9, 2021

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   Love my new 'Sam Houston' 5"

It was delivered yesterday (very well packed by the way) and I couldn't wait to get it on my head. The size is perfect, but I guess my head is a long oval, so the hat will need some breaking in (i.e. it needs to be sweated in) to perfectly fit my head. I just can't say enough about how good this hat looks. I won't go so far as to say it makes ME look good, but it makes me look *as good as possible.* :D My doctor has ordered me to walk 30 minutes every day (which I've stretched to ~40 mins.--2 miles), so this big brim will give me some great shade. My ancient 4" brim Resistol straw is going back into retirement! :D

By 47 from Austin, Texas' hinterlands on Sep 7, 2018

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   love these hats

I have several of these hats and have designed different hatbands for each of them. I always feel special when I wear them and get many compliments. Sunbody hats are quality and extremely durable. Can't recommend them highly enough.

By dimaro from Tucson, Arizona on Apr 6, 2018

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