3 Inch Brim, Guatemalan standard palm hat

3 Inch Brim, Guatemalan standard palm hat

Product #: hg3

3" brim, 5-1/2" crown. Guatemalan standard palm hat.

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5 Stars A very nice all around hat!
by Andre' from Kansas on Jun 9, 2021
  I ordered as an open crown, and wanted to try my hand at shaping my own style. It worked, and is very easy. Palm is a forgiving and easily modifiable material to work with, and if I get tired of what I did, it can be easily changed again to be something else. I do need to add the ventilation holes, and working toward that next. I think I might also 'upgrade' to the fine palm version and make it another project hat creation. Thank you very much for affordable and very nice quality work!
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