How to Assemble This Hat Tree


Here is a video on that shows how to assemble this hat rack:Kakadu hat rack

It is fairly simple once you know where the pieces fit in the assembly.


The base consists of 4 parts: 2 triangular legs, 1 short black tube, 1 cotter pin.


Assemble as shown above.

Then put the tube in from the bottom, with the flange at the bottom.


Once the tube is inserted, squeeze the top and bottom of the trinagles together and insert a cotter pin into the hole just above them.

The three long tubes insert one into the other and into the base.

The small cyliners slip over the center post, with openings on the top side to allow for the arms of the hat hooks to be inserted.

The two cross pieces are optional. They can be used to hold pictures mounted on cardboard. One cross is positioned at the top of the pictures and the other at the bottom. The long, threaded rod inserts from the top and screws into the bottom cress. See youtube for instructions.