Our Houston Showroom is Closed

For more than twenty years we have had a showroom open to the public.  Visitors could try on hats and pick out what fit and what they liked. We love seeing you, our customers, in person and the energy and life you bring us. .

We closed the showroom in 2020 due to the pandemic and expected to re-open when it was safe to do so. But, our business surged in 2020 and has surged even more in 2021. What was formerly our showroom is now being used for production space.  And our customer service staff is challenged to keep up with serving our phone and internet customers.

We hope to be able to one day re-open the showroom, perhaps on a limted schedule.  But, for now, we do not have plans for re-opening.    

You may order ONLINE and pick-up your hat at our Warehouse/Office.

If you would like to try on our hats and see them in person, we suggest you visit:

Casa Ramirez FOLKART

241 W 19th St

Houston, TX 77008


They carry a limited inventory of the following styles in sizes ranging from 6-3/4 to 8.:

Fedora, 1.8" brim, Mexican Fine Palm

Oak Española


Gus, 6" Brim

Gambler, 3-1/2" Brim

Fedora, 3" Brim

Cattleman, 4" Brim Guatemalan Economy Palm

Gus, 4" Brim Guatemalan Economy Palm

Gambler, 4" Brim Guatemalan Economy Palm

Open crown, 3" Brim


Hours: Sunday: Noon - 5:30

            Tues-Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM

            Saturday: 10 AM - 5:30 PM