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Product Reviews

3 Inch Brim, Fine Palm Tear Drop Fedora

3 Inch Brim, Fine Palm Tear Drop Fedora

Guatemalan fine palm, with 5/8' wide leather band. Tear drop crease. Black leather or black cloth band optional.

Built Like A Tank
by Stephen Giannotti from Portland, OR USAon Aug 8, 2013

I followed SunBody's suggestion to order one size up on this Guatemalan Fine Palm Fedora. I also ordered the hat without a hat band, as I like to add my own for customization. Just today I soaked the hat completely in the sink for shaping purposes. After this wetting and shaping process, I must say that the hat has grown on me by leaps and bounds! I had used the foam strips supplied by SunBody to take up the slack from ordering one size up, but in the wetting and shaping process I kind of "shmooshed" the crown around my noggin to conform it more closely to my actual head size. I also gave a slight upward curl to the back brim. The end result, after putting on the wet, slightly re-shaped brim with the crown sides more closely fitting my head, and wearing the hat out into the sun, is an extremely sharp looking hat! This is an extremely sturdy, stiff hat; reminiscent of the Stetson Airway (not in appearance, but in stiffness). The difference, however, is that this Guatemalan Palm can be shaped by wetting, unlike the Stetson Airway. This is a hat that will last not just one lifetime, but could be handed down to generations to come. It's that solidly woven and crafted. I am thrilled to have it, and after my re-shaping and "shmooshing", I now have a very uncommon, very sharp looking palm straw Fedora with a decidedly South American accent. Muy guapo!

Rated: 5 Stars

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