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Product Reviews

4 Inch Brim, Low Crown Montana Peak Hat, Guatemalan Std Palm

4 Inch Brim, Low Crown Montana Peak Hat, Guatemalan Std Palm

4" Brim, 5-1/4" crown, Montana Peak, Guatemalan standard palm. 1860-1890.

The Montana Peak Hat Earns Mountain-High Praise!
by Anonymous from South-Central Ohio, USAon Aug 19, 2015

I've always liked Sunbody palm hats, and bought two low crown Montana Peak hats, well over two years ago. (The hat-maker was Vicente Pacheco; yes, proud craftsmen still sign their work!) Right off, I put horse-hair stampede strings on both; and decorated the fronts with crossed-arrows Green Beret pins. Serious boonie-bashers want to hang on to headgear through thick & thin, & old veterans often decorate hats with pins from their old uniforms. I'm in my 60s. Earlier, I worked many summers on my uncle's mountain pack-train, delivering supplies mainly to remote miners & foresters. After enlisting, I was picked for confidential stuff requiring long stays in the boondocks. I chose the Montana Peak partly because my uncle wore a version from western Canada he'd bought in 1939. He was very proud of his "Canadian Stetson!" I'd also wanted a unique historic hat with a long tradition. But, I didn't want a hat so common that friends might have trouble identifying me at a distance. The Montana Peak was in vogue, in America, mainly between 1860 and 1890; although a low-crowned, flat-brimmed version was still seen on the Canadian Plains until much later. As I said, my uncle bought a deluxe fur felt Canadian version of the Montana Peak, in 1939. I enjoy the feel of this Sum Body hat-- not too heavy, with pnenty of brim for shade and style. Fit "To-size" is also right on; I've tried on many different Size 7-7/8 & Size-63 hats of this brand, and they have all been spot-on. (I can't speak for other hat-sizes, obviously.) The hats are also pleasantly light--which is great, when spending long hours riding or hiking. Putting on "stampede strings" is very easy. If you don't order from Sun Body Hats, and get the eyelet option that lets you attach a hat-lanyard or stampede string, it's easy & simple to install cotter-pins in the hat-brim. I really appreciated this when I'd played the devil, adding cotter-pins for a lanyard-string to the heavy brim of a felt fedora! The hats are a pleasure to wear, plus a pleasure to work with, if you have to. While not waterproof, they can stand up to a few minor sprinkles; and with care, can last for years!

Rated: 5 Stars

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