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Product Reviews

Guatemalan Standard Boxtop Hat

Guatemalan Standard Boxtop Hat

Guatemalan Standard Boxtop Hat. Natural beige-colored palm, 4" Brim (shown). Available in other brim widths - 3-1/2" to 6" - and with eyelets. See options.

VERY nice craftsmanship!!
by Andre from Shawnee, KSon Oct 31, 2019

Love this hat. They got it to me in time for a birthday, and I absolutely love it. I actually modified it a bit from a brick/box top to a pinch front, mostly because I got it too large and that shape made my head look huge. I also changed the brim curl. The fit is great, so I merely changed the crown, and it is my go to for everything. Palm hats are new to me, and this was my first. It won't be my last sunbody hat. I just have to have an excuse to get another! I truly love the fit, the finish, the weight, and mostly the ease of modification and forgiveness this hat provides if I mess up. Thank you very much for this quality hat!

Rated: 5 Stars

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