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Product Reviews

6 inch Brim, Low Crown Gus Hat, Guat Std Palm

6 inch Brim, Low Crown Gus Hat, Guat Std Palm

6" Brim with pencil roll; 5-1/4" Crown Gus Hat. Guatemalan standard palm. Most popular as shown, with ventilation eyelets and stampede string but also available without eyelets or stampede string.

My favourite hat (have 17 - not all Sunbody !)
by William Kerr from Seaford, Sussex < UK on Aug 7, 2022

Love this hat - having a very hot summer with intense sun in UK in 2022 - this is the perfect hat ... have suffered from skin cancer to face and this saves me and gives me complete confidence. The brim is amazing and as other commentators have said, the stampede string is essential and does an excellent job in case of wind. Was introduced to the hat by "Lady Lone Rider" Bernice Ende. (now sadly separted), who always wore this model... - she rode all over the US on horseback. Workmanship of this hat is superb and although it has had knocks there are no signs of indentation or wear ... Bill Kerr in the UK

Rated: 5 Stars

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