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Golden Gus

Golden Gus

This is a very soft and comfortable hat. 4" brim, 5-1/2" crown. Pressed. Not Stiffened. Re-shaping not recommended. Brown bound edge. Mexican fine pressed palm.

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   golden gus

great hat,this is 3rd hat I've gotten from sunbody and been very happy with all 3, thanks.

By Randy Graf from TEXAS. on Jun 16, 2020

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   What a Beauty

This is an exceptionally well-made, good looking hat! I've owned a Sunbody Mexican Fine Palm Gus for several years now, and though the two hats are very similar in most respects, their differences are more apparent now that I own both. What a difference between the pressed Golden Gus and the extremely stiff Mexican Fine Palm Gus. Akin to the difference between the feel of a cotton Oxford shirt out of the dryer and the same shirt after being heavily starched and pressed. The Golden Gus is so much softer and to my head, more comfortable than the MexFPG. Interestingly, the MexFPG weighs in at 9 7/8 oz. vs. the 8 1/4 oz. for the Golden Gus. The bound edge on the Golden Gus and the lack thereof on the Mexican FPG is another visual difference between the two. Perhaps a dressier look to the bound edge. In all honesty, for me it'll be hard to go back to wearing the Mexican Fine Palm Gus now that I've own this Golden Gus. IMHO, and my HO only, the Golden Gus is the clear winner between the two GUS' in terms of comfort and ease of use, i.e. how it fits on your noggin. Both styles are equally attractive as well, with the Golden Gus being the dressier of the two.

By Stephen Giannotti from Portland, OR on Aug 26, 2016

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   Excellent Sun Protection

I bought this hat from a dealer in Prescott, AZ on a very hot summer day. It was soft and pliable but keeps it shape very well. It is not still like other straw hats with stiffener. I like it just like this. I wear it out all the time in the hot Southwest sun. Even with shorts and flip flops. Great in a garden and outdoor work with a western flare that a western native can only pull off. The dealer on ly had 7 5/8 (I wear typically a 7 3/4 or 62 Euro). It was a little snug but I had a hat stretcher and let it sit under mild expansion tension with the stretcher and now it sits perfect. I love this hat. The reason I am on the site writing this review is that I looking for my next hat. I may get a wider brim one this time! Great product for not too much money.

By a member from Arizona on Jun 9, 2014

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   Just Right!

I only wear a Gus crown and finding a straw version that doesn't overwhelm a petite head/face is a challenge. Unlike felt, which can be cut down, with straw or palm what you see is what you get, period. This gem of a hat definitely came to the rescue for my Spring and Summer needs since the 4" brim and 5 1/2" crown are not the least bit overwhelming. The palm leaf is tightly woven without being stiff and maintains a high degree of flexibility while still holding shape. The color is a flattering light golden brown and the band is a tasteful combo of brown and black. Of course, Sun Body's comfy, wicking inner band is perfect for warmer weather and the fact that it spot cleans effortlessly makes it a no-brainer for women who wear cosmetics. All around, this is an especially fabulous hat for us Gus fans. Great job, Sun Body!

By CarrieD from Albuquerque, NM on May 13, 2013

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   This is a great hat

I've owned all kinds of straw hats, Atwood, Serratelli, American, Stetson, Mahan and the list goes on. This is the most comfortable straw that I've owned. It's light and cool (I got the eyelets in mine) and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality straw hat.

By a member from Memphis Tn on Apr 20, 2012

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   Love this hat!!!

Bought this hat from a dealer at the Norco, CA rodeo because I wanted to try it on first. I ordered a guat palm from sunbody on line as well, love it also. I'm on a trip in Idaho right now and have worn this hat in the drizzling rain for 5 days on the trail. It has kept my head/neck completely dry and still looks brand new. Just racked it to dry each night. Super comfortable and light. My other hats are beaver felt and this hat I would recommend.

By a member from home is Lake Forest, CA on Oct 7, 2011

   I love it

Just picked up this hat a week ago. It is so comfortable and cool. Getting compliments and queries as to where I got it. I am "always" a 7 1/8 but needed a 7 1/4 in this one. So, I suggest anyone else to do the same. The are a couple of imperfections on the underside of the brim where thread is showing slightly. Otherwise, I would have given it a 5-star rating.

By a member from Durango, CO USA on Jul 23, 2011