SunBody Hats has been the leader in palm-leaf hats since 1996.

Our Mission is to deliver the finest quality Guatemalan Palm-Leaf Hats to our customers when they need them and to their specifications. To develop the hat making industry in Guatemala in order to improve the standard of living and the quality of life for hat makers, their families and their communities.

Why SunBody Palm-Leaf Hats are Great:

  • They look great.
  • They're crushable and pop back out to their original shape.
  • They can be easily reshaped just by getting them wet. No steam is required.
  • They're waterproof and will hold their shape even in a heavy downpour.
  • They're washable with just soap and water.
  • They're self-conforming to the shape of your head.

Our Guatemalan Fine Palms are exclusive to SunBody Hats. With 10-12 strands of braid to the inch, they are a marked improvement in appearance over our standard palms which have 7 strands/inch. And you can wet'em and shape'em, just like the other Guatemalan hats.

Palm-Leaf Hats are now a well-established part of the hat market. They have indeed become a new category all their own, selling year-round in all climates.

SunBody Hats is the leader in palm-leaf hats.

  • The Most Styles: We have twelve open crown hats, ranging from a 3" brim width, from a 4" crown to an 8" crown, including three Guatemalan Fine Palms. We can custom crease any hat for a nominal charge, with a Cattleman, Gus, Gambler, Tycoon, Montana Peak, or you-name-it crease. We have both the Guatemalan palms you can get wet and shape, and the Fine Mexican Palms.
  • The Most Sizes: Size 5 (baby size) to size 8 (giant size).
  • The Most Options: We can add a eyelets, bound-edges, stampede strings and other trim. We have solid bodied hats and VENTED CROWNS. You can mix and match styles for quantity discounts and choose just those sizes you need. We re-size all the hats in Houston to assure that you get what you order.

Our Quality is Tops: We pay higher prices to the hat makers who actually sew the hats together in Guatemala. Consequently, we get the best hats. We have worked directly with the hat makers for thirty years and know them by name. Because we work directly and pay higher prices, the hat makers use better materials when making our hats. Compare ours with the competition: look at the quality and spacing of the braid and the shape of the hat - you will see the difference.

Because we buy directly from the individual hat makers, we have been able to get a steady supply when other hatters have been caught short. Consequently, we have hats all the time and strive to be able to ship your orders within a few days.


Guatemalan hatmaker

We work directly with Guatemalan hatmakers

Because we work directly with the hat makers in Guatemala and know them by name, we can insure that the highest quality standards are met.

With twenty years experience working with the hatmakers in Guatemala and selling their hats in the United States we know how to make things go right. Unlike the distributor who buys from a middleman, we keep tabs on production throughout the process and prevent problems from developing.

Our trained eyes and hands can distinguish between the many grades of palm, palm braid and hat construction and can assure you that you are getting a fine product.

We are working with the producers to constantly improve the hats and develop new ones to meet your needs. We encourage your comments and suggestions.

We can have hats custom made to your specifications. If you have a particular need in regard to crown or brim size, hat weight, sweatband, shape, style, volume or even cost, give us a call and we'll be more than happy to discuss it with you.