Laced Brim Hats

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Moab - 5" Brim

SKU: hMoab5b

5" Brim, wide brown lacing, beaded hatband with horse hair tassels. Guatemalan standard palm. Sizes 6-1/2 to 8.



4" Brim, Guatelaman Fine Palm Gambler with Bound-Edge and Finely Laced Brim.

Two-Step, 5 Inch Brim; Khaki & Tan

SKU: h2s5KT
5 Inch Brim Brim Gus, Bound in Khaki, Laced in Tan leather. Guatemalan Fine Palm.

Double-Laced Gus

SKU: hg4a+G+2Lace
Double lacing around the brim and matching hatband. 4" low crown gus. Guatemalan standard palm.

4 Inch Brim; Texas Two-Step

SKU: h2s4
4" Brim, Bound-edge,finely laced. Guatemalan fine palm.

Double-Laced Cattleman

SKU: hg4b+C+2lace
Double suede lacing around the brim and matching hatband. 4" med crown shown. Avail. in low crown. Guat. std. palm.

Joy Ride - 4 inch brim

SKU: hJR4b-red/hJR4a
4" Brim, Low or Medium Crown Gus with suede laced brim. Stampede string of same lace is optional. Choose your color.

Joy Ride - 5" Brim

SKU: hJR5b
A fun hat! 5" Brim, Suede Laced, with pencil roll. Guatemalan standard palm.

Laced Oak Gus with Braid

SKU: hg4a-oak-braid
Natural oak-colored Guatemalan palm gus, 4" brim (shown).

Santa Fe - Cattleman

SKU: hSF4a+C
Bound in coffee, laced in turquoise suede with a beaded hatband in matching colors. 4" brim Guatemalan standard palm. Also available in Gus crease.

Texas Two-Step, Brown & Natural

SKU: h2s5bn
Another variation on our exquisite Two-Step. 5" brim, low crown Guatemalan fine palm. Bound-edge and finely-lace brim. Shown with dark brown bound-edge and natural fine leather lacing.