How to Shape Your SunBody Hat

It's fun and you can't hurt it when its wet. Play with it - in thirty minutes you'll be a pro.

step 1
1st, get your hat good and wet, inside and out. Spray it, hold it under the faucet or dunk it in a trough or stream.
step 2
2nd, Crease the crown (as shown), putting the seam at the back. Shape the side curves like you want them. For symmetry, look at the inside of the crown while working it.
step 3
3rd,Shape the brim by rolling the edges toward the crown. Exaggerate the roll, maybe even crease it, as the brim will have a tendency to uncurl some when you let it go.
step 4
Personalize, For a nice front-to-back curve, stretch the hat lengthwise with your fingers from the inside while pulling down on the ends of the brim with your thumbs.

Wet, your hat will be hard and rigid and feel smaller. Dry, it will be flexible and remember its new shape if crushed.

It will not shrink or stretch but will conform to the shape of your head.

Extreme dryness will make your hat brittle. In dry weather an occasional dousing will keep your hat fresher and make it last longer.