Our hats will outlast a straw hat several times over.

Durable Hats Many Western straw hats on the market are made from paper. That's why they need several layers of lacquer to get them to hold their shape. And once they're shaped, that's it. If they get crushed they're ruined. If they get wet, they become a soggy, limp rag.

But SunBody Palm-Leaf Hats are made to wear, to get wet, to be reshaped as often as you like. Working Cowboys and everyday folks like 'em because they last so long and can take so much abuse. So what if your horse steps on it? You can just pop it back out to shape. So what if it rains? It'll just soak up water until it gets stiff and shed the rest. And it'll keep it's shape until you're ready to re-shape it.

And reshaping is no problem. Since they aren't coated with lacquer, you don't need a steamer to shape them. All you need is plain water. Just hold them under the tap or dip them in the horse trough and shape them with your hands. It's so easy even a child can do it.

You can reshape them as often as you like, flattening out the brim to shield you from the sun or giving it a nice curve for the Saturday night dance.