5 Inch Brim, Tall Crown Gus Hat. Guat Std Palm

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SKU: hg5c+G
Hat Size:
6-1/2 (52)
6-5/8 (53)
6-3/4 (54)
6-7/8 (55)
7 (56)
7-1/8 (57)
7-1/4 (58)
7-3/8 (59)
7-1/2 (60)
7-5/8 (61)
7-3/4 (62)
7-7/8 (63)
8 (64)

  • Crease: Gus
  • Brim Width: 5"
  • Crown Height: 6-1/2"
  • Hatband: black cloth
  • Sweatband: foam-padded cotton twill with non-woven backing
  • Guatemalan Standard Palm
  • Retains shape when wet
  • Can be reshaped using just water
  • UPF 50 - Blocks 98% of UV Light
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala - Handcreased in Texas

Customer Reviews

   Big "Ol Gus

I purchased this big 'ol hat with a Gus crease a few months ago. 'Taint nobody with a hat like this in these parts! The 5" brim gives you all the protection you need, and I like the 6.5" crown with it. I had SunBody add a wide black brim, and I added a black and red 7-strand hatband from Knot-A-Tail. It's a great combo. The only issue I found is in sizing. I ordered my hat size, which is 7.5", and I had to add a little somethin' under the brim. I probably could've ordered a smaller size and been fine. Follow the directions on this website for shaping it. If it looses it's shape, wet it and do 'er again. The value that you get with SunBody hats is simply outstanding! You will be pleasantly surprised with this hat!

By Lukacs from Irwin, PA on Oct 6, 2020

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   Love my hat!

No words to describe how good these hats look and feel. Not to mention critical protection from the sun. Wear it to the beach, walking, biking, sailing,etc. I have two...one for my New York residence and one for Florida.

By Doug Dwyer from Southampton, New York. USA on Jun 18, 2018

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   No More Sunburned Ears

Hat looks and fits great. After having some sun spots removed from my ears my doctor told me to wear a bigger hat unless I planned on growing new ears. The 5" brim is perfect and it shades my face. Outstanding customer service too.

By Robert from Columbia, Tennessee USA on Jun 10, 2014

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