Sunbody Hats Retail Information

Thanks for your interest in SunBody Hats.

SunBody hats are fun hats.

It is easy to re-shape our Guatemalan palms to fit your personality. Where ever you go, people will say, "I like your hat! Where did you get it?"

For blocking the sun and lasting a long time, a palm-leaf hat is hard to beat.

We are mainly a wholesaler of hats to dealers that retail our hats in their stores, at events, through catalogs and the internet.

The best way for an individual to buy a SunBody Hat is through one of our many dealers.

Three Ways to Buy a SunBody Hat

1. From a retail store dealer:

You can use our dealer search to find a dealer near you. That way you can actually see and feel the qualities of the hats.

You will find the best prices buying from one of our dealers.

You can also get the best fit by actually trying on hats. Everybody is different in how they like their hat to fit. And within a given size there is actually a range variation. We recommend buying a hat that is just a little bit loose to allow for about about ½ size (1/16" diameter) in shrinkage due to heat and moisture.

Our retail dealers also carry many other products that will likely interest you, from hat bands, to clothing, tack, hardware, housewares and gifts.

It is best to call dealers before visiting to determine if they have the style and size you are looking for. SunBody sells so many different hats with so many different options that NO dealer carries them all. Most specialize in a few styles.

2. From an Internet or Mailorder Dealer:

If you do not find a dealer with the hat you are looking for, there are several dealers that sell on our hats on their website or by phone or mailorder. Check in the state listings for one with a website address.

3. Directly from SunBody Hats

We would prefer that you buy from one of our dealers,ut given the many styles and sizes we offer, no dealer will have them all. To accommodate those who cannot find a convenient dealer for the hat they want, you can buy directly from SunBody Hats. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, cash and PayPal.

For help in determining what size hat to buy, click on-> Getting the Right Hat Size

Returns and Exchange Policies

If we can answer any questions, or be of further assistance, please e-mail or call us directly.