Sunbody Hats Wholesale Information

Thanks for your interest in SunBody Hats. We are mainly a wholesaler of hats to dealers that retail our hats in their stores, at events, through catalogs and the internet. We also sell to manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our wholesale customers include Western Wear stores; rodeo, fair and event vendors, historical parks and re-enactments, hat stores, sporting goods stores, fishing stores, campgrounds, outfitters and more.

To see our wholesale prices, REGISTER HERE! Qualified dealers will be given Wholesale Status which will allow them to see wholesale prices online and download a wholesale price list: Wholesale Price List

SunBody hats are fun to sell!

Over and over again our wholesale customers tell us how much fun they have selling our hats.

Since you can shape the Guatemalan palm-leaf hats using only water, it is easy to make a show out of it for customers. People love to watch while a hat with a round crown and a flat brim is transformed into a hat with a unique personality.

SunBody Hats is a custom wholesaler.

Since we shape and trim hats at our shop in Houston, Texas, and offer a variety of hat bands, edge bindings and lacings, we can offer you hats tailored to your particular market. You can have something no one else has.

SunBody Hats is a recognized and desired brand name.

Since 1996 we have been working diligently to make SunBody Hats a recognized and desirable brand. We produce quality products. We give quality service. We stand behind our products with a Satisfaction Guarantee. We advertise our brand in consumer publications. We have a great website to educate buyers on our products and grow their enthusiasm for SunBody hats.

It is not uncommon for stores to tell us their customers are asking for SunBody palm leaf hats.

To list your store on our website as a SunBody Dealer, please  email us.

It is to your advantage to use the SunBody Hats name when advertising and selling SunBody hats. We request that you use our name when selling over the internet, through catalogs and in retail advertising.

Minimum opening order is $400.00. We ask that you usually order 3 or more of a given style.  For styles that are made to order, we may charge a $7.50 single hat fee for less than 3 of that style of hat. We understand that you will occasionally want to order only one of a style you haven't had before just to see what it looks like and gauge customer interest. But we ask that you not, as a general practice, take orders from customers for specific hats and then place those orders with us. We have found this to be a frustrating exercise for us, you and your customer.

As a general rule, we do not drop ship to individual customers. There is a $10.00 drop ship charge for hats shipped to retail customers.

We ask that internet dealers stock the hats they are advertising.

To open an account with us, please use the dealer login to send us some information about your business. A credit application is available under "Forms" in the sidebar. If you are located in Texas, please download and fill out the Texas Sales Tax form so that we don't have to charge you sales tax.

Quantity discounts are available starting at 60 hats. To see the discounts, download the wholesale price sheet or ask us to fax or mail you one.

You can mix and match styles for quantity discounts and choose just those sizes you need. Quantity discounts are based on the total number of hats in an order. Delivery may be divided among two or three shipment dates.

We re-size all the hats in Houston to assure that you get what you order.

We look forward to working with you.

Jimmy Pryor,