Shipping Charges, Times & Policies

 We will ship your order as fast as possible. Many hats are shaped ahead of time and will be shipped within 1 or two business days. Edge-binding, brim-lacing, and other custom work will increase the time we need to make your hat.  

Hats larger than 7-5/8 or smaller than 6-3/4 are usually shaped after we receive orders for them.  

Most orders will ship in 1 - 21 days from the time of order.  From March through August, our busiest months, some hats may takes us as long as four weeks to prepare.
Please advise us if you have date by which you must have your order.
Retail orders are charged the rates shown below:
Current Shipping Rates for RETAIL Orders:
Order Total Amount for First Six Items
1 - 6 Items $20.00
7 - 12 Items $27.00 + $1.00 each add. hat
13 - 24 Items $33.00 + $1.00 each add. hat
25 - 36 Items $45.00 + $1.00 each add. hat

Each additional hat over 6 hats is $1.00  Shipping is free for hatbands and stampede strings at the present time.

On retail orders to Canada, shipping for the first 6 items is $45 + $1 for each additional hat.

We ship to most countries for $61 for the first 6 items + $1 for each additional hat.

There are a small number of countries to which we do not ship.

For WHOLESALE ORDERS, shipping charges are ESTIMATED according to the table above.  Actual shipping charges will be calculated and charged at the time of shipment and reflect the actual UPS or USPO charges.  This may be more or less than the estimate shown here. 

Returns & Exchanges