SunBody Hats Works Directly with Guatemalan Hatmakers

Sewing Hats
Because we work directly with the hat makers in Guatemala and know them by name, we can insure that the highest quality standards are met.

With twenty years experience working with the hatmakers in Guatemala and selling their hats in the United States we know how to make things go right. Unlike the distributor who buys from a middleman, we keep tabs on production throughout the process and prevent problems from developing.

Our trained eyes and hands can distinguish between the many grades of palm, palm braid and hat construction and can assure you that you are getting a fine product.

We are working with the producers to constantly improve the hats and develop new ones to meet your needs. We encourage your comments and suggestions.

We can have hats custom made to your specifications. If you have a particular need in regard to crown or brim size, hat weight, sweatband, shape, style, volume or even cost, give us a call and we'll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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