You can get the best fit by actually trying on hats. Everybody is different in how they like their hat to fit. And within a given size there is actually a range variation.

We sell two types of hats: Guatemalan palm leaf and Mexican palm leaf. The Guatemalan hat (most of the hats on our website) have a foam-padded cotton twill sweatband that tends to shrink about 1% with heat and moisture. This is about 1/2 of a hat size (1/16" diameter). If you are buying a GUATEMEALAN hat, we recommend buying a hat that is just a little bit loose to allow for this shrinkage. This usually means buying one size larger than you normally wear.

The Mexican palm leaf hats, on the other hand, have an absorbent polyester cloth sweatband that does not shrink. And they tend to run a little large. On the Mexican hats you should buy your normal size.

We check the size of every hat in our shop in Houston. When we find a hat to be a different size from that shown on the label, we put a gummed paper sticker over the old size with the correct size showing. Thus, if you receive one of these hats with the paper sticker showing a different size, you will know why.

When checking the size of hats, our criterion is that a hat should be at least the size marked on the label. That is, a 7-1/8 should be AT LEAST a 7-1/8 but not as large as a 7-1/4.

To Determine Your Hat Size:

  • Measure around your head where you wear your hats in inches (circumference).
  • Use the following chart to determine your hat size:


size chart


 If we can answer any questions, or be of further assistance, please e-mail or call us directly.