Eyelet Kit

SKU: ek18

Eyelet punch, setter and 100 black eyelets.

Two sizes:

Small, hole diameter is approximately 1/8". These are the small eyelets that are most often requested for ventilation eyelets.  They are also used for stampede string (chin strap) eyelets. 

Large: hole diamenter is approx 1/4". This is best for braided horse hair stampede strings. Punch, setter and eyelets may be purchased separately. Also used for ventilation eyelets.

How it works: The punch is a metal tube that is sharp at one end. Place the sharp end at the spot on the hat where you want to make the hole. Hit is with a hammer.  Place an eyelet in the hole, with the small, sharp end up.  Place the tip of the setter in the eyelet. Hit the setter with a hammer.  This will flare the edge of the eyelet out and around the edge of the hole, gripping it.

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