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Product Reviews

Golden Gus

Golden Gus

This is a very soft and comfortable hat. 4" brim, 5-1/2" crown. Pressed. Not Stiffened. Re-shaping not recommended. Brown bound edge. Mexican fine pressed palm.

Just Right!
by CarrieD from Albuquerque, NMon May 13, 2013

I only wear a Gus crown and finding a straw version that doesn't overwhelm a petite head/face is a challenge. Unlike felt, which can be cut down, with straw or palm what you see is what you get, period. This gem of a hat definitely came to the rescue for my Spring and Summer needs since the 4" brim and 5 1/2" crown are not the least bit overwhelming. The palm leaf is tightly woven without being stiff and maintains a high degree of flexibility while still holding shape. The color is a flattering light golden brown and the band is a tasteful combo of brown and black. Of course, Sun Body's comfy, wicking inner band is perfect for warmer weather and the fact that it spot cleans effortlessly makes it a no-brainer for women who wear cosmetics. All around, this is an especially fabulous hat for us Gus fans. Great job, Sun Body!

Rated: 5 Stars

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