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Product Reviews

2-1/2 inch brim Tear Drop, Fine Palm

2-1/2 inch brim Tear Drop, Fine Palm

2-1/2" brim, Guatemalan fine palm.

Nice hat
by MAS from NJon Aug 16, 2019

I opted for the standard palm version and I am happy with this hat. It looks good and fits very comfortably. I have a size 59 Akubra which is a good fit so I ordered a 59 for this hat. It fits just a little bit looser than the Akubra but still not too loose. This is perfect because I don't have to worry about potential shrinkage. I did wet it down once under the faucet to tweak the crown and bend the brim down slightly. It is a little heavy but not uncomfortable to wear. I accept the weight trade off for the durability, shapability, and ability to withstand rain. I look forward to wearing this hat for the remainder of the summer and maybe even into the cooler seasons.

Rated: 5 Stars

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